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LRRC is the proud recipient of a Grant from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention & the New Jersey Department of Health & Senior Services, Immunization/Vaccine Preventable Diseases Program. This grant has promoted vaccination compliance with CDC / NJDOHSS recommended vaccination schedules for infants through young adults (ages 0-18). Proper, timely vaccinations prevent illnesses, in some cases severe and potentially life threatening ones, as well as epidemics. The main goal of our vaccination compliance grant is to educate the population on the importance of preventive medicine and increase the compliance rate.

Specifically, the grant has allowed LRRC to:

  1. Remind clients of the importance of compliance with recommended vaccination schedules for children  0-18 years of age.

  2. Check accuracy of parent's / guardian's records against the New Jersey Immunization Information System, NJIIS.

  3. Determine why parents / guardians are not vaccinating their children.

  4. Provide an immediate intervention or resolution to assist parents / guardians in obtaining the vaccination, when the impediment may be easily overcome, such as transportation etc.

  5. Assist some clients in obtaining temporary and / or permanent health care coverage.

  6. Educate parents / guardians in the revised New Jersey Chapter 14 Administrative Immunization law.

  7. Direct and reconnect parents / guardians with a health-care provider.

  8. Provide parents / guardians with general vaccination and immunization education & knowledge.

  9. Provide parents / guardians with specific, medical vaccination and immunization questions via hot-line to New Jersey State, Licensed Nurses, with significant Pediatric experience.

  10. Obtain demographic and other relevant data and statistics and interpret the information towards increasing vaccination compliance and devising and implementing permanent solutions to barriers.