ltThe Lakewood Resource & Referral Center was the lead agency for the Lakewood Township, Affordable Housing Initiative, (AHI). Through the unique vision of the then Mayor who currently serves as Committeeman, Raymond J. Coles, and the Lakewood Township Committee, 63 acres owned by the municipality were provided for the construction of affordable housing units.This was the largest affordable housing initiative in the State of New Jersey. Phase I of the AHI was comprised of 72 3-4 bedroom Townhouse units. A lottery was drawn and the first 72 applicants selected were given the opportunity and assistance to purchase these beautiful homes at well below market price. The LRRC promoted this initiative, collected over 2000 applications, assisted clients to ensure their applications were complete, and assisted the applicants whose numbers were drawn in a variety of ways to help them complete the purchase. Specifically, first time home buyers received assistance with understanding the various types of mortgages, closing costs and ancillary expenses, budgeting and credit repair, and first time home buyers assistance and discount programs. Stay tuned for news regarding the Lakewood Township Housing initiative, Phase II.