Lakewood Resource and Referral Center (LRRC)

serving the community since 2005

Our mission. Our commitment.
To provide social service information, referrals, counseling, community education, and assistance in navigating both government and private-sector programs in a caring and compassionate manner to enhance the quality of life of the residents of Ocean County and help them achieve financial independence.



In today’s complex world, dealing with the nuts and bolts of daily life can be overwhelming. Understanding and successfully navigating things like health insurance coverage, disability insurance, budgeting, buying a home, and accessing government assistance programs are beyond the ability of many people. The challenge is especially urgent in low-income households who rely on the broad range of government benefits and safety net programs for nutrition, housing, utilities, and healthcare. Comprehending the complex eligibility guidelines and application processes can be extremely difficult; without assistance in accessing these programs, families can find themselves in a crisis situation.


The Lakewood Resource and Referral Center (LRRC) was founded to effectively address this need. The LRRC’s dedicated team is incredibly knowledgeable in the myriad intricate details of government programs, the banking and mortgage system, private sector grants, health and social services, community organizations and many other resources. The team regularly researches and monitors developments in these areas to remain current with up-to-date accurate information. The LRRC leverages this wealth of useful knowledge to benefit Ocean County residents throughout the spectrum of income brackets.

The LRRC is a federally designated 501(c)(3) organization that began operations in 2005.


Each day, LRRC’s devoted experts respond to dozens of clients patiently and professionally in face-to-face meetings or phone inquiries, providing these crucial services:

  • Guidance/Counseling – Comprehensive review of a specific or overall situation/challenge, with clear and accurate advice for accessing available assistance.
  • Referrals – LRRC connects clients with the agency or resource that is most ideally suited to assist them or resolve their specific need.
  • Assistance – The correct submission of forms is a common obstacle in many situations. LRRC staff assists clients with completing applications and gathering supporting documentation.
  • Advocacy – When clients are at an impasse, the LRRC often actively intercedes as representatives on their behalf. LRRC has cultivated close relationships within all levels of government, as well as with many nonprofit agencies and private sector entities. This has helped on numerous occasions in expediting subsidized health insurance during a medical crisis, canceling pending utility shutoffs, accelerating the processing of nutritional program applications, and intervening to avoid many other potential crises.
  • Community Education – LRRC serves as a vital resource of important information, widely publicizing program announcements and updates. Additionally, LRRC’s acclaimed public classes on timely topics such as home-buying have saved Ocean County residents hundreds of thousands of dollars and helped avoid foreclosures.
  • Case Management – LRRC’s trained professionals can identify cases when a client is enduring an overwhelming challenge and needs extra assistance and handholding. In such cases, the organization steps in and proactively helps the client connect with resources that can alleviate the situation and bring relief.


35,500 Client encounters
11,000 Households assisted
20,000 Phone calls
9,000 Walk-ins
3,000 Scheduled appointments
3,500 Email conversations
11 Case Managers
$47,700 Secured for past-due utility bills
$3,016,308 Mortgage assistance from the American Rescue Plan
$149,426 Mortgage and Down Payment assistance from the Lakewood Affordable Housing Trust Fund
563 Prospective first-time homebuyers educated in group seminars
25,000 LRRC program information pamphlets distributed
27 E-mail and text message blasts sent to 7,000 households containing information about new assistance programs or important changes to existing programs


The LRRC is an Inform USA professional member and a member of the Housing and Community Development Network of NJ.