Our Staff

Bassi Aderet

Housing Coordinator

Mrs. Aderet is the LRRC’s affordable Housing Agent and expert on Housing and Urban Development (HUD), housing purchase and rental programs. She develops and maintains relationships with banks that offer first-time home buyer programs and guides each client through the process of obtaining a mortgage from start to finish. She is also an expert in criteria, rules and regulations of all available governmental and private sector Housing purchase and rental programs. Before joining the LRRC in 2006, she worked at the Lakewood Housing Authority (LHA), first as a Case Manager and then as a Supervisor and Section 8 Coordinator. Mrs. Aderet was instrumental in the coordination and implementation of the unique Affordable Housing Initiative (AHI) in Lakewood.

Isaac Birnhack

Program Director

Mr. Birnhack has been with the LRRC since its inception in 2005. He has a comprehensive and detailed understanding of available government and private programs, including all the intricate details based on years of intensive research. He has a unique ability to understand practical applications of complex rules, regulations, and criteria and is instrumental in keeping the LRRC at the cutting edge of knowledge and information. He specializes in assisting individuals with complex and difficult situations including disability and illness. He has been certified as a State Healthcare Insurance Program (SHIP) Counselor and Certified Information and Referral Specialist (CIRS). He earned his Certification as a Loan Office from Ron Vaimberg Mortgage University in 2004 and is also a Certified Homebuyer Education Trainer.

Etty Friedman

Case Manager

Mrs. Friedman, a graduate of Bais Jacob Teachers College of Montreal, has an in-depth understanding of NJ FamilyCare, SNAP, CHIP, CHS and utility programs. Mrs. Friedman has over three decades of experience in case management, education and administration, and her cheerful, warm, and caring demeanor is instantly recognized by all who interact with her. In addition to her considerable work experience, Mrs. Friedman has also performed a substantial amount of volunteerism and charitable activity. She speaks Yiddish fluently.

Dina Ginsberger

Front Desk Case Manager

Mrs. Ginsberger is a skilled and energetic case manager with expertise in various government and private-sector programs. A graduate of Excelsior College, Mrs. Ginsberger was the office manager at a busy organization before joining the LRRC in 2015. As our front desk case manager, Mrs. Ginsberger answers brief questions about all programs from clients who visit the LRRC throughout the day. Her proficiency and understanding of the many government and private programs have enabled her to assist thousands of families.

Nechama Heinemann

Case Manager and Quality Control Coordinator

Mrs. Heinemann has a comprehensive understanding of all available programs, including the intricate details of their rules and regulations. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from the Michigan Jewish Institute and joined the LRRC in 2008. In addition to her familiarity with many government and private-sector programs, Mrs. Heinemann is also trained in homeownership education and counseling. Among other advocacy roles, she acts as a liaison between the LRRC and the local SNAP office.

Devorah Nussbaum

Case Manager

Mrs. Nussbaum spent years working on successful ventures in the public and private sectors before she joined the LRRC in 2012. As a case manager specializing in utility assistance, healthcare and other social services, Mrs. Nussbaum applies her many talents, including strong communication and interpersonal skills, to helping clients on a daily basis. She is fluent in three languages and regularly assists clients who prefer speaking in Spanish or Hebrew.

Rivka Percal


Bassie Preil

Case Manager

Nethanel Vilensky

Director of IT

Mr. Vilensky is a highly skilled IT generalist with 20+ years of experience in system architecture, security, databases, and application development. He oversees all of the LRRC technology.

Shoshana Swiatycki

Case Manager

Shoshana joined the LRRC team to help meet the increased demand caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. She quickly mastered paid work leave programs and moved on to receive comprehensive training about other assistance programs. She is now a certified Healthcare Navigator, providing application and enrollment assistance about all government-subsidized health insurance plans.

Shavy Wulliger

Case Manager

In 2013, Mrs. Wulliger began working as Behavioral Health Manager at CHEMED Health, where she managed all daily activities of the Behavioral Health and Medication Management Departments. In 2018, she joined the LRRC team and underwent intensive training on all available programs and resources. She currently works as LRRC’s representative to CHEMED’s Care Management Team, where she works tirelessly to connect patients with resources to improve their quality of life.