Senior Staff

The LRRC’s senior staff members have been with the agency for many years and demonstrate a superlative level of dedication and commitment to assisting the community. They are very well versed in many of the various public and private programs and usually have superior knowledge and experience in several specific areas and / or specialties. Senior staff members have developed and enhanced their knowledge and experience through constant; formal trainings, internal trainings, and previous career experience. They strive to give their all to every client on every case and achieve the best possible outcomes. The LRRC is truly fortunate to have such accomplished and committed senior staff members.

Senior Case Manager

Mr. Birnhack has been with the LRRC since its inception on May 1, 2005. He is our Senior Case Manager and expert on virtually all public and private programs. He specializes in very complex healthcare insurance cases and is certified as a State Healthcare Insurance Program (SHIP) Counselor and Certified Information and Referral Specialist (CIRS). He has also attended the Ron Vaimberg Mortgage University in 2004 and completed a comprehensive housing course on mortgages and received a Certification as a Loan Officer. Mr. Birnhack is also a Certified Homebuyer Education Trainer, via a formal training course from Neighbor Works America, the premier HUD authorized, national, professional housing services training institute. Mr. Birnhack is constantly researching the existing public and private programs to ensure that we are on the cutting edge of any programmatic changes. He has a unique ability to understand the practical application of complex rules, regulations, and criteria and is therefore extremely successful in assisting many individuals with obtaining or maintaining health-care coverage.

Affordable Housing Agent

Mrs. Aderet is our affordable Housing Agent and expert on Housing and Urban Development (HUD), housing purchase and rental programs. She has over 10 years of direct HUD programs experience, including supervisory level experience. She previously worked in the Lakewood Housing Authority (LHA) office since 1996. In 1999 she was promoted to Supervisor and Section 8 Coordinator. She was also involved in the Section 8 Homeowners program since its inception at the LHA. Mrs. Aderet was instrumental in the coordination and implementation of the unique Affordable Housing Initiative (AHI) in Lakewood, NJ. She assisted the Lakewood Townships HUD Housing consultants on all issues related the Affordable Housing Initiative. Mrs. Aderet is also an expert in criteria, rules and regulations of all relevant governmental and private sector Housing purchase and rental programs.