Government Help for COVID-19 - updated on 10/14/2020

Dear Clients,

During this trying time, the staff at the LRRC is doing everything we can to assist the community. We are in continuous contact with federal, state, and private organizations to supply you with accurate and current program information. We are facing an unprecedented crisis, with many people losing their jobs, and businesses struggling to survive. Our caseworkers are answering calls as fast as they can, but we need your help to accommodate the need. Every day our phone lines and inboxes are flooded with hundreds of people scheduling appointments and asking questions regarding their situation. We want the community to know that we understand your frustration. We apologize for the backlog in appointments and are working overtime to address the unprecedented surge in daily appointment requests.

To aid the community, we have compiled the answers to many of the most common questions we have been receiving. Many of your questions will be answered by reviewing this document, and we strongly encourage you to review this information before calling an LRRC representative. You will be helping yourselves and helping others by freeing us up to assist clients with more complex situations that require specific advice. If you still have questions after reviewing this document, we urge you to schedule a phone appointment with a caseworker to discuss your situation by calling (732) 942-9292. You can also e-mail us at [email protected], and we will do our best to get back to you within 2 business days.

As always, our current program literature, recent announcements, and helpful links are posted on our website at

Thank you in advance for your understanding! The LRRC Staff