Senator Robert Singer Visits the LRRC – Additional Call-in Hours Announced

New Jersey State Senator Robert W. Singer recently visited the LRRC office to get a firsthand glimpse of the work that the LRRC does for the residents of Lakewood and Ocean County.

The LRRC helps people evaluate their eligibility for various social service programs, such as NJ FamilyCare, SNAP, and HUD Rental Assistance; assists them with applications; and, when necessary, advocates for them to resolve difficulties.

The LRRC also provides comprehensive social services; information about health care insurance plans, nutritional supplementation programs, and home utilities payment assistance programs.

Senator Singer observed case managers as they answered questions from callers, responded to clients taking advantage of the LRRC’S walk-in service, and conducted scheduled counseling sessions.

After observing Devorah Nussbaum, an LRRC bilingual case manager who specializes in assisting Spanish speaking clients, Senator Singer said, “The LRRC is doing a great job of reaching all segments of the community with its services. The staff is a knowledgeable, professional and hard-working team and we’re lucky to have them here in Ocean County.”

Mayer Hoberman, executive director of social services at the LRRC, said, “It was very gratifying for us to see that the Senator made time in his busy schedule to visit our office and see for himself what we do every day for the public. It means a lot to us to know that our elected officials are aware of our efforts.”

Starting Monday, June 6, the LRRC is extending its hours to include additional call-in hours on Monday evenings from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m.