Get Covered NJ – New Financial Assistance Available - 4/15/2021

The LRRC is pleased to announce that new financial help is now available for those eligible for a private health insurance plan through Get Covered NJ. More people than ever will qualify for financial help. If you did not qualify for help before because your income was too high, you may now qualify. If you already receive financial help, you will likely be eligible for additional premium reductions. Below are details about these changes.

1. I previously applied for private health insurance coverage from Get Covered NJ. I was not eligible for help because my income is too high. Am I eligible now?

You may now be eligible. Many people who previously did not qualify are eligible for federal and state financial help beginning May 1. For example, a family of 4 earning $150,000 may be eligible for significant savings. To see whether you may now be eligible for assistance, click here:

2. I clicked on the link above and see that I am now eligible for financial assistance. How can I apply?

The LRRC is happy to assist you with the application process. Call our automated scheduling system at 732-523-1789 to schedule a healthcare screening appointment. Alternatively, you can create an account and apply on your own by going to Choose “2021 Special Enrollment COVID-19” as a qualifying event even if you were not directly impacted by COVID-19.

3. I am already enrolled in a private health insurance plan through Get Covered NJ. How do I access this additional help?

If you have an account online, you can update your application by April 30th to receive additional assistance for May. Follow the instructions here: The LRRC is happy to assist with this process. You can call 732-942-9292 to schedule an appointment. If you do not have an online account, call Get Covered NJ customer service at 1-833-677-1010 for assistance. Get Covered NJ is planning to automatically update financial help for as many existing consumers as possible this summer to reduce premiums for those who have not yet taken action.

4. I am currently uninsured and want to apply for coverage. Can I enroll now even though Open Enrollment is over?

Open Enrollment has been extended until the end of the year. You can enroll in a plan at any point during the month, and coverage will begin on the 1st of the following month.

5. I am currently unemployed. Is there any additional assistance available for me?

If you received unemployment compensation for at least one week during 2021, you might be eligible for nearly free coverage for the rest of the year if you purchase a plan through Get Covered NJ. You need to be otherwise eligible for financial assistance to receive this help. Call the LRRC for further details

6. Can I change my health plan?

Yes, you can change your health plan. Changes made usually go into effect the 1st of the month following the change.

7. I was previously ineligible for subsidies because my wife’s employer offers affordable insurance. Am I eligible for subsidies now?

Unfortunately, no. These changes do not affect those that are offered affordable insurance through an employer.

8. I am income-eligible for NJFamilyCare. Can I enroll in a subsidized plan through Get Covered NJ?

No. If you are eligible for NJFamilyCare, you cannot purchase a subsidized plan through Get Covered NJ. You can buy a full-price private insurance plan.

For more information, please see our brochures: