Healthcare Open Enrollment 2019

Healthcare Open Enrollment is Here!

November 1st - December 15th

What is Healthcare Open Enrollment? It is the only time during the year that an individual who is not eligible for Medicaid may apply for health insurance. During this time, consumers can sign up for private health insurance plans either through the Marketplace or through a private broker. If you are not offered health insurance through your employer, Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, or another source that provides qualifying coverage, the Marketplace can help you get insured.

You can qualify for low-cost insurance!

The Health Insurance Marketplace offers significant savings on your monthly insurance premiums, as well as lower costs on out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Even if you are above the Medicaid limit, you can still afford insurance!


  1. During previous years, Open Enrollment lasted for a period of three months. However, the 2019 Open Enrollment period will only last a total of 45 days. The only time to purchase private insurance for 2019 is from November 1st to December 15th, 2018.
  2. Any NJ resident who does not have insurance in 2019 will have to pay a penalty. You may have heard that the federal government removed this penalty, which is true, but NJ has chosen to continue charging it. The annual penalty is 2.5% of a household's income, or a per-person charge, whichever is higher. There is a maximum household penalty.

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