Farmers Market Benefits Now Available Through WIC - 05/2024

Ocean County’s WIC Program introduced a new process to request Farmer’s Market benefits in 2024. The WIC Program is now providing benefits to eligible WIC participants for the purchase of locally grown, unprepared fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs through a survey sent to current WIC participants. This opportunity is available to eligible pregnant women, postpartum women, and children aged 2-5.

Farmers market benefits are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Each eligible WIC participant will receive a one-time $50 benefit in the form of a QR code which can be redeemed for fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs cultivated by local farmers. The Farmers Market benefits are separate from regular WIC benefits.

If you receive WIC benefits from Ocean County and have not already requested your Farmer’s Market benefits through the link sent by the Ocean County WIC Program, you can request Farmers Market benefits by clicking here.

Requests for these benefits will not be taken over the phone or through e-mail.

For more information about the WIC program, see the brochure below.