Backdating Unemployment Claims - 8/13/2020

As per the Department of State, if you receive a call from 866-812-5907, that is a legitimate Unemployment number, and you can feel comfortable disclosing personal information necessary to backdate your claim.

As previously posted, if you are waiting for benefits for the time between when you lost your job and when you filed for Unemployment, you need to request those retroactive benefits by speaking to a Department of Labor representative. You can try calling 201-601-4100 or 732-761-2021. Sunday morning may be the shortest wait time. You can also leave a message at 866-812-5907, and someone will call you back. It is difficult to get through to them, but do not worry. The Department of Labor confirmed that all benefits will be retroactive.

As always, you may contact us at [email protected] or 732-942-9292 with any questions.