Important Updates & Reminders (06/04/2018)

Health Insurance

  • If you are planning on going away at any point in the summer, make sure:
    • To check your out-of-state health insurance benefits. You may want to consider purchasing travelers insurance to have the option of visiting a doctor out-of-state.
    • To have a neighbor or friend check your mail for notifications or recertification requests from NJ FamilyCare. Mail from NJ FamilyCare, and any other government program, cannot be forwarded.
  • If you are on NJ FamilyCare and would like to switch your HMO for a pregnancy, make sure to request the switch at the beginning of your pregnancy. If you wait until the middle or end of pregnancy, your request to switch HMOs may be denied. Requests should be made by speaking with a representative at the state (1-800-701-0710), and not through the automated system.
  • If you are currently receiving NJ FamilyCare benefits and find out that you are expecting, it is important that you immediately notify NJ FamilyCare about your pregnancy. This will ensure that you receive coverage for the duration of your pregnancy, even if your income changes. Doctors letters are no longer required as proof of pregnancy. If you are receiving NJ FamilyCare benefits through the county (Hooper Avenue in Toms River), notification of pregnancy and proofs of birth can be e-mailed to [email protected]. Keep a copy of the e-mail for your records.
  • Those who believe that they are no longer eligible for NJ FamilyCare should not ignore a recertification and should not request to be terminated. If you ignore a recertification or request to be terminated, you will receive a letter that you are being terminated from NJ FamilyCare due to “failure to recertify” or “voluntarily ending coverage.” You will not be able to enroll in other coverage (even through a broker or employer) in these situations. If you receive recertification paperwork and believe you are no longer eligible, respond with your current income. NJ FamilyCare will process your application and, if you are in fact over the income limit, they will send you a termination letter due to being income-ineligible. Your termination can then be used to activate a Special Enrollment Period.
  • If you are self-employed or receive rental income, speak with your accountant before reporting your income to NJ FamilyCare or The Marketplace. You want to make sure that you are reporting all allowable business expenses and deductions, including the “deductible part of self-employment tax” on the first page of your tax return.

SNAP Benefits

SNAP benefits are meant to be used as they are received. Your SNAP account should never be used as a savings account, and it is not advisable to maintain a high SNAP balance.

Housing Appointments

Due to the high volume of housing questions, we will no longer be having housing walk-ins on Wednesday mornings until further notice. To ask a housing related question or make an appointment, call 732-942-9292 ext. 9766 for instructions.