Immunization Awareness Event

was held At CHEMED on 6/2/2015

Adults are not too thrilled to get them. Children often cry or scream when they get theirs, but getting immunized protects children, entire families, and the community at large from getting sick and from spreading illness.

As a way to promote the value of immunizations and the importance of avoiding germs, LRRC (Lakewood Resource and Referral Center) and CHEMED (The Center for Health Education, Medicine and Dentistry), a federally qualified health care center, 1771 Madison Avenue, Lakewood, N.J., in conjunction with the New Jersey Department of Health’s immunization program, recently held an educational Immunization Awareness Day with several fun-filled and educational activities for Ella G. Clarke Street School third graders.

Leah Schnall, LRRC immunization grant coordinator and social service case manager, who organized the event, said, “The main purpose of this event was to emphasize staying active and healthy, taking good care of your body and yourself, and getting vaccinated.”

On their way to CHEMED’s educational center, the public school children saw the pictures they had drawn, depicting why being immunized is important, showcased in a corridor where CHEMED visitors can see them. Three students received first, second, and third place for their art work and many runners-up received hula hoops.

Children saw “Immunity and Vaccines Explained,” a short video about how vaccines help cells from getting sick. They learned important information from Dr. Joanna Beizem about how shots protect people from getting sick and the importance of brushing their teeth to keep germs out of their bodies from dental hygienist Batsheva Kagan. The children and were amazed with James the Magician from Carnival Parties who magically made “germs” appear and disappear when the children shouted the magic word, “Immunizations!”

Every child received a goodie bag filled with activity books to reinforce the value of immunizations, information for parents, and small prizes and snacks.

Dr. Dovid Friedman, the CEO of CHEMED, said, “We are giving them information to take home to get out a positive message and making sure everyone is immunized so we protect all our children in the community. We are planning a few other events throughout the year. One goal we had was to get 600 children immunized through outreach to our patient base, trying to make sure everyone was on time and compliant with immunizations. We actually achieved it by the end of May!”

The concept for a fun educational immunization awareness event was developed though Dr. Friedman, Leah Schnall, and Lakewood Township Deputy Mayor Menashe Miller. The Department of Health was represented at the immunization awareness event by Louis Delgadillo, B.S.W.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)