Healthy by Two (2018-2019)

A Case Management program run by CHEMED and LRRC

Please note: this program ran in 2018-2019 and no longer accepts patients

Do you have a child Age 0 – 2?

Join Healthy by Two!

Healthy by Two is an exciting case management program run by CHEMED Health Center and The LRRC. If you have a child age 0 – 2 and you would like the help of a qualified case manager to stay on top of your child’s vaccinations, we would love to help.

We will:

  • Call to remind you when your child is due for a vaccine
  • Help with scheduling vaccination appointments
  • Answer any questions you may have regarding immunizations and schedules

All children who receive necessary vaccines by age 3 will be invited to an exclusive party!

Vaccines Save Lives - Allow us to Help You Ensure that Your Child Receives Necessary Vaccines!

Join the Case Management Program Today!

You do not need to be a CHEMED patient to join