Stay Healthy – Get Vaccinated! LRRC Promotes Immunization Health

Are YOU vaccinated? How about your family? Are everyone’s vaccinations up-to-date? Vaccinations, often life-saving, are important for the good health of your family and the entire community.

The LRRC recently attended the 2016 YTT (Yeshiva Tiferes Torah) Expo at the request of the CDC to remind everyone that vaccinations protect against many serious illnesses, their complications, and preventable diseases, such as measles, mumps, whooping cough, and many others.

More than 2,400 women attended the annual YTT Expo at Lake Terrace, Lakewood, which featured exhibits, vendors, a food court, door prizes, and giveaways. The LRRC alone distributed 350 promotional items to assist the CDC in maximizing immunization awareness and education in the community by giving away promotional items and schedules of immunizations for adults and children.

The LRRC also invited attendees to participate in a $150.00 bank gift card raffle that included questions, such as are your children up-to-date on immunization? If not, is it because your child was sick, missed a well-visit, or the vaccination was out of stock? Attendees were encouraged to provide contact information to receive more about immunizations. Tamar Ergas and Elka Freilich, both of Lakewood, each won the $150.00 raffle.