Important Updates and Reminders from the LRRC

NJ FamilyCare Updates & Reminders

  • NJ FamilyCare at the county changed their e-mail address. Their current e-mail address is [email protected]. Any e-mails sent to their previous address will not be received.
  • To help you choose which HMO is best for your family’s needs, visit HMO Central on our website. There you will find important tips and helpful links. The link is:
  • NJ FamilyCare is currently counting scholarships as income. All scholarships and changes to scholarship amounts must be reported.
  • If you are on NJ FamilyCare and would like to switch your HMO for pregnancy, make sure to request the switch at the beginning of your pregnancy. If you wait until the middle or end of pregnancy, your request to switch HMOs may be denied. Requests should be made by speaking with a representative at the state (1-800-701-0710), and not through the automated system.
  • If you are planning on going away at any point in the summer, make sure:
    • To check your out-of-state health insurance benefits. You may want to consider purchasing travelers insurance to have the option of visiting a doctor out-of-state.
    • To have a neighbor or friend check your mail for notifications or recertification requests. Mail from government programs cannot be forwarded. You can sign up to receive a daily e-mail from USPS with a digital preview of the incoming mail scheduled to be delivered. The e-mail will show a black and white scan of the outside of the envelope (not the inside contents). You can sign up at If you see that you got a letter from a government office, make sure to have someone check what it is. It is imperative to have your paperwork for any government program submitted by the due date.

Reporting Changes to NJ FamilyCare

  • All changes must be reported to the NJ FamilyCare office no later than ten days after the change occurs. If you are reporting a change that you believe will disqualify you from the program, you must be on top of making sure the change is processed right away. If you report a change and do not hear back within 30 days, call the LRRC for guidance. You may be held responsible for benefits received from any government program that you were not eligible for, even if the processing agency was at fault.
  • Those who believe that they are no longer eligible for NJ FamilyCare should not ignore a recertification request and should not request to be terminated. If you ignore a recertification request or ask to be terminated, you will receive a letter that you are being terminated from NJ FamilyCare due to “failure to recertify” or “voluntarily ending coverage.” You will not be able to enroll in other coverage (even through a broker or employer) in these situations. If you receive recertification paperwork and believe you are no longer eligible, respond with your current income. NJ FamilyCare will process your application and, if you are over the income limit, they will send you a termination letter due to being income-ineligible. Your termination can then be used to activate a Special Enrollment Period.

Other Updates & Reminders

  • The NJ Department of Labor has changed the way they calculate temporary disability and family leave benefits. To figure out your current benefit amount, calculate 2/3 of your average weekly wage from the first 4 of the last 5 quarters. They will no longer be using your average weekly wage from the 8 weeks before your claim start date.
  • SNAP benefits are meant to be used as they are received. Your SNAP account should never be used as a savings account, and it is not advisable to maintain a high SNAP balance.